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Gammill longarm quilting machines are also available with Statler Stitcher automation. The Statler Stitcher is a computer software program, combined with hardware that will operate a longarm quilting machine and stitch almost any design. A Gammill machine equipped with Statler Stitcher can handle an intricately patterned king-size quilt in a matter of hours instead of days, and is guided by the computer instead of by hand. It can also be guided by hand to allow the quilter to have the freehand option too. The system can determine the pattern size, block size, stitches per inch, repetitions of the pattern and the offset of the pattern. You can create, edit, resize, trim and fill patterns. You can create quilt groups to save your products. It also allows you to set up the program to stitch around your applique, embroidery or blocks on your quilt.

Statler Stitcher Creative Studio

Statler Stitcher Twenty-Two (22-10)
Statler Stitcher Classic (26-10)
Statler Stitcher Optimum (30-12)

• Stitch-Regulator in Automated and Hand Guided Quilting
• Interactive Measuring Function
• Easily size patterns to fill a block
• Multi-functional keypad on the machine
• Simple user interface with one-page display
• Automatically calculates rows and repeats
• Patterns can be modified in any imaginable way
• Design your own patterns with the built in tools
• Use the computer to create beautiful echo patterns
• Divide a the patterns and use the pieces to make new patterns
• “What you see is what you quilt” technology

• Windows 8 Dell® computer and monitor with Creative Studio® software
• User-friendly software, operator manual and interactive video tutorial
• Over 900 digitized patterns, which includes 250 designer patterns!
• Longarm Quilting Machine and 12’ Pivotal Access All Steel Stand, fitted
with all the necessary hardware and cables
• One-year parts and labor warranty on Statler installed hardware and software
• Four-year mechanical parts and two-year labor warranty on new Gammill machines


ALL IN ONE Windows 8 Touchscreen Computer with Mounting Bracket, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Limited Edition Color for Machine Head
Custom Table Lengths
Overhead Light Bar (GS-1 & GS-2 Tables)
Hydraulic Height Adjustment (Includes Casters)
Swivel Casters (for Stand Legs)
Leaders with Zippered Edges
Horizontal Small Spool Holder
Extend-A-Drive Handles (for microstippling)
Cutting Mat
Deluxe Drafting Chair on Wheels
Alignment Mat (for use with Drafting Chair
Computer Mounting Kit and Adapter (for monitor and keyboard and mouse)
CPU Mounting Bracket and Strap
Sweet Dreams Heritage Pattern Collection by Kim Diamond (1,087 Patterns)
Sweet Dreams Heritage Pattern Collection by Kim Diamond (800 Patterns)
Sweet Dreams Designer Pattern Collection by Kim Diamond (700 Patterns)