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 Statler Stitcher Kit We're pleased to announce the availability of a newly designed on-site retrofit installation for the Statler Stitcher™ - the state-of-the-art automation system for longarm quilting machines. As a qualified Gammill/Statler dealer, we will come to your home or business and add the Statler Stitcher to your Gammill® longarm in a matter of hours - with virtually no down-time! No shipping! No waiting!
  • From a Gammill Stitch Regulated Model: $14,995.00 US
  • From a Non-Stitch Regulated (or Intellistitch-Gammill) Model: $14,995.00 US
The retrofit makes your Gammill® longarm machine and stand fully functional as a Statler Stitcher unit with:

•Front Handle Controls
•New Dell Computer
•Servo System
•Statler Stitcher™ Software
•Belts and Hardware

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•A one year warranty on all installed electronics and hardware
•A three year warranty on the computer

With Statler Stitcher, you can create your own patterns and hand guided designs, or choose from more than 1000 patterns that are included! Simply set up your Statler to do the work, then get started on your next project.