Gammill Authorized Dealership


2001 Central Circle, Suite 103 * McKinney, TX 75069 * 800-893-2748 * This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Linda's Electric Quilters is committed to providing quick and useful support for your machine issues.  This section of our website is devoted to providing as many resources as possible to assist you. Here are several types of support we can offer.


1) Self Help through videos.

   Maintenance Tips and Rick's Maintenance Library is a great self-help tool for learning to solve many machine issues.  This video library is available:
    As a DVD for only $49.95- BUY online now at

2) Request Technical Support

   Email support = This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3) Telephone Support

   Telephone support is available at 1-800-893-2748

4) In Store repairs and assistance

    All service repairs must be set by appointment to ensure a technician is available to service the machine, to confirm we have parts on-hand, and to confirm that a hands-on service is required.  Call 1-800-893-2748 or email us for an appointment.  You MUST have a scheduled appointment for all machine services. Service appointments not on the schedule will have to be dropped off and you will be given a pick up day.  This could be up to 2 weeks, depending on time of year.

5) Traveling Tech Program (House Calls)

Our Gammill Authorized Technicians are available - by appointment - for repairs. Currently the program encompasses a 75 mile driving radius from our Mckinney Store - 150 miles round trip.

SUB-DEALERS- Linda's Electric Quilters- Houston and Gone Quiltin offer the same program.


Pricing for service calls are determined by the following scale:


1 to 25 miles $50.00 + $75/hour + parts *
26 to 50 miles $75.00 + $75/hour + parts *
51 to 75 miles $100.00 + $75/hour + parts *
76 to 100 miles $125.00 + $75/hour + parts *

101 to 125 miles $150.00 + $75/hour + parts*

126 to 150 miles $175.00 + $75/hour + parts*

* Prices are subject to change without notice

Appointment times and availability of parts will be determined on a case by case bases. It is critical that any issues be described at the time the appointment is made to ensure proper and timely repairs.

The machine warranty DOES NOT cover labor or travel charges for this program.

Call 1-800-893-2748 in McKinney or 1-832-559-7965 in Tomball for details and to make your appointment.

6) Transporting your machine for service

It is very important to bring your machine head and carriage/crosstrack for every service appointment.  Without your crosstrack, your machine will not be able to be fixed. Travel with your machine in the back seat of a car or the cargo area in an SUV.  We do not recommend for you to transport in a trunk or in the bed of a truck.  The machine needs to travel upright, just like it sits on the table. Please bring your bobbin, bobbin case, thread and project being quilted at the time of the problem.  Please WATCH THIS VIDEO on how to transport a Gammill.

7) Machine Moving Service

Our technicians will move your machine for you within the state of Texas and Oklahoma.  All prices are subject to machine type, distance, machine accessories and location of the pickup/breakdown to the set up location.  Please contact the store for a quote!  Starting at $600