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Linda's Electric Quilters has been committed to provided industry leading training and workshops for longarm quilters for over a decade. We offer classes in our facilities in McKinney Texas and in Houston Texas. The following are calendars featuring dates for these classes. The first covers basic longarm training and Statler classes taught by LEQ staff and Sales Reps. If you have any questions call us at : 1-800-893-2748.

Sample of Classes:

Machine Basics (Taught by Staff)

Machine Basics1. Students will be taught how the quilting machine operates and how to adjust the machine as desired. The goal is to become competent in the operation and regular maintenance of the machine head. Students are also thoroughly briefed about all the special features on the quilting machine table.
2. Students will learn how to properly set up the quilt on the quilting machine table and successfully complete the following on the fabric they bring to class: a) pantograph pattern using the back laser light b) overall stipple pattern (freehand) c) basting stitch for hand quilters d) placing a pattern in a specific area from the back of the machine
3. Students will be shown basic operation of the Gammill Workstation, which comes with the Vision 22,26 and 30 models
4. Each student will be given their own copy of a special DVD of Linda Taylor explaining how to make longarm quilting into a business. This includes advertising, pricing, record keeping, specialty quilting areas, computers and software, customer relations and problems, thread, batting, and dealing with problem quilts - all aspects of quilting as a business will be thoroughly covered on this DVD.

Technical Skills (Taught by Staff)

Technical SkillsA well-rounded longarm quilter knows as much about the technical skills as he/she knows about freehand quilting. Don't limit your abilities by neglecting these skills. By necessity, Linda is an efficiency expert on how to work a custom quilt. You will be shown how to quilt the border designs without marking the quilt, how to stitch in the ditch, do 114" outlining, quilt diagonal lines, stitch around curves and applique, and rotate the quilt. Be sure of your skills to maintain the integrity of the piecing, whether you use patterns or do mostly freehand quilting. We will also cover some ofthe standards of quilting show quilts.

In this class we will begin custom quilting with the technical skills:

• Stitch in the Ditch and 1/4" stitching
• Dead-End Borders and Sashings
• Borders and Corners
• Rotation of the Quilt
• Working with the Diagonal Guide
• Pattern Making
• Setting Designs Using the Front Laser Light
• Setting motifs in specific areas of the quilt

Call for pricing and availability.

Artistic Freeform (Taught by Staff)

Artistic FreeformThe class expands your library of meandering and stippling techniques. We will show you how to fill up the sashing with easy basic designs, give you a good basic understanding of how to quilt a feathered medallion and demonstrate basic freehand feathers, ferns, and leaves. Not only will we explain how and demonstrate each of the techniques, but show many examples where the techniques can be effectively used on quilts.

This is the most wonderful class to get you started on freehand quilting.
Here you will learn:

• 16 different background fill-in techniques
• 4-6 freehand sashing techniques
• A variety of feathers, ferns, and hearts
• Feather Medallion

Call for pricing and availability.

Statler Stitcher Basics (Taught By Staff)

Statler BasicsMaster the operation of your computerized quilting system! The goal of each class is to apply quilting concepts and ideas using the latest Statler software and techniques.
The class is taught by Lynn and uses the certified training materials produced by Statler Stitcher.
This course covers all the operations of Statler Stitcher's innovative software CreativeStudio. The course work includes creating a sampler that applies each concept as it is taught. Each student learns more than just what CreativeStudio can do. He or she learns how to accomplish specific tasks like:
•Basic system operation
•The Statler software
•Placing block motifs on point
•Planning out edge to edge designs
•Mastering the borders & corners
•Hand guiding the sewing head
•And many more features of CreativeStudio

Workbook and DVD materials are optional and not included in class tuition. Call for pricing and availability.

Gammill Maintenance (Taught By Rick Taylor)

Maintenance ClassThis fabulous hands-on class is constructed to help you learn more in-depth maintenance on your Gammill machine. We begin with the theory of how the machine operates, then move into troubleshooting common machine problems.
All the adjustments needed to ensure smoother operation of the machine will be covered, including:
•Timing the machine
•Hopping foot timing
•Height adjustments
•Balancing wheels
•Needle bar replacement
•Rocking finger timing

Requirement: Bring your own machine head and vertical track.

Please note: Any maintenance concerns will be addressed during this class. Call for pricing and availability.  You can find Ricks Maintenance DVD on our online store at www.longarmsupplies.net